Mon, 06 Jun 2005

Had a great day yesterday, educating Thunder on America. (granted he has been here nine years, but… whatever :) Watched Bull Durham and Coming to America, and ate burgers, hot dogs, apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, Ruffles, and jello (off of american flag plates), and drank MGD, Budweiser, and whisky. We discussed manifest destiny, and listened to Sousa, Springsteen, and 1776: The Musical. It was good.

Also met Dave’s friend Anne- she seems pretty cool. And she puts up with Dave. So maybe she’s not sane, but I guess certain types of not-sanity are good to have around. :)

On the dirty side, I installed VMWare and XP. Blahhh.

[Later: note that the ‘blah’ was more for the need to install VMWare/XP than the actual process; VMWare is very nice software so far- probably more options than I’d like, but I’m clearly not at all the target market, so that’s fine.]