Sun, 29 May 2005

Every year the organizers stress about the quality of GUADEC, and every year they pull it out of the fire :) Looks like we’ll have another great get-together this year; so far I haven’t made it back to my room before midnight either night despite the really terrible heat. (I walked around Berlin in the same brutal heat on Friday and took a lot of Berlin pictures.)

Kjartan: that jhbuild-mozilla bug has been known for a long time; check bugzilla. I hacked up a patch for it that I used in the tinderbox, but it didn’t have error checking (because I don’t know squat about

Nat: part of the reason shortcuts aren’t shared between nautilus and gtk is that the gtk people flipped out when that was implemented for the panel. Perhaps Federico’s manager could give Federico time to create the Right API for this :)