Mon, 23 May 2005

Got a docbookized ‘why gnome’ into CVS last night, and did a lot of play with yelp-as-docbook-viewer. Pretty slick- thanks for everything, Shaun. Hopefully more docbook to come, too. Brace yourself, translation teams :) Also quintupled the number of open sabayon bugs. In the mean time Marcus is doing real work- we’re up to six language liveCDs on, and more are in the pipe, including hopefully Punjabi.

Paper is creeping towards done; sadly the marketing stuff is way more fun :) Only about 30 hours left to finish it, though, so have to get my ass in gear- the paparazzi who constantly follow me around will have noticed I’m no longer in IRC.

Rodrigo: Sounds like GUADEC-ES was a blast, sad I missed it. FWIW, gvidcap is a straight port of xvidcap, and just as unusable. I really think someone needs to integrate video capture into the current screenshot applet, or something like it, so that we can have dead-simple desktopcast creation.

Also, related to Rodrigo’s comment on the first day about a session talking about hackers being ‘corrupted’- I don’t think that people are necessarily corrupted by going to work for The Man, but there is an extensive literature on goal displacement in non-profits that I keep intending to read more of. In a nutshell, as I understand it second hand: ) the argument is that once you start introducing different motivations, there are fundamental, measurable differences in how organizations work and what they create, often unintentional. So it is something we need to be aware of, even if the motivations of everyone involved are totally pure.