Sun, 22 May 2005

Got the Greek liveCD up on, and looking through my email backlog, made some connections that will hopefully result in more languages soon. Also, Seth rightly pointed out that the page said ‘hosted by Red Hat’, which was, uh… not right. :)

While browsing the flickr feeds I mentioned in my last post, found the best GNOME project name I’ve seen in a while- Simple Menu Editor- GNOME. Sweet.

Paper continues to come along; after days of worrying that I wouldn’t be able to make the minimum length, I think I may now need to spend some time editing to make it under the maximum. Also, Joe’s recommendation during my last paper of the Economist Style Guide was useful enough that I’ve ordered a hard copy of it.

I googled ‘gnome torrent’ to see what was up there, and is already cached. It took them less than 7 hours after the CNAME was created- they must send crawlers to things as soon as DNS changes reach their DNS server. Crazy.

I set up Gourmet on Krissa’s box, and she’s been happily playing with it since, to the point where she now wants me to set up xcave for her. I’m hoping she’ll get involved with the project and get them some feedback, but in the meantime, she is excited :) Nice to see her excited about free software. (And as a plus, gourmet has a windows version, which her mom can install, and then they can swap recipes. Coolio.)