Sun, 22 May 2005

Marcus Bauer has been kicking a ton of ass on the liveCD stuff, making them available in French, German, and Spanish, and offering them in other languages as well. We didn’t really have a way to distribute them, but Seth Vidal came to the rescue, and we are now the proud ownersish of

So, action items for p.g.o readers:

  • If you’ve got some bandwidth and disk space to spare, go seed some torrents.
  • If you see errors or omissions in the page (particularly in the ‘installing bittorrent clients’ section) please email me.
  • If you’ve got a large strictly gnome-related object you want to let people download via bt, drop me an email.
  • If you’re a translator, and have a need/desire for a liveCD in your language, drop by marketing list.
  • If you can help with marketing materials to place on all these liveCDs, bring your energy and creativity to the marketing list- we need short, concise, translatable selling docs and demos to put on every liveCD desktop, and anyone can help.

We still have open questions about getting all these CDs mirrored the old-fashioned way- that still works better for some folks (particularly those in smaller languages (and we’d like a liveCD for every supported language!) to poke at ftp or http instead of bt. But that would also be an assload of data to be syncing every release. Dunno… well, anyway, we’ll figure it out by 2.12. Suggestions very, very welcome- send them to marketing list.

BTW, I love edd’s notion of throwing flickr into the mix of a planet– I’d already created a mini-p.g.o with technorati ‘gnome desktop’ links, but flickr hadn’t occurred to me. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, I can only get ‘or’ with tags in their feeds- ‘and’ doesn’t seem to work, which is pretty crucial, since, uh, well… see for yourself.

In personal life notes, had a great time last night at the Red House with a Duke friend from out of town, who does not have nearly as cool a nickname as the under-loved Venezuelan Thunder. I’m nearly finished with my paper for class, and I’m even beginning to not be embarassed by it. Just in time to start writing materials for presentation to the Advisory Board and get on a plane. Yay. Other than those things, has been a pretty uneventful few days- just staring at the paper and trying to pound it into some semblance of an argument, and sleeping, mostly. Hopefully Stuttgart will be different :)