Fri, 20 May 2005

Things I saw today that blew my mind:

  • I read enough of the Poignant Guide to Ruby that (a) I want to learn ruby and (b) I am desperately waiting for Robert Love’s Poignant Guide to Kernel Hacking, and/or Robert Love’s Poignant Guide to Macroeconomics.
  • GNOME 2.8. On HURD.
  • Paul Kedrosky’s blog, which totally blew up my morning, productivity-wise.
  • I had a nice, productive conversation on usability-list, about the potential design for a cross-desktop ‘oops, I’m offline, try that again’ error dialog. Shouldn’t be mind-blowing, I guess, but it has been a while :) Mpt and Bryan were most helpful. Now all we have to do is get Network Manager into the Platform…
  • We had our first wiki spam that I’m aware of. Fuckers. I wonder if Massachusetts has an anti-graffiti ordinance that could be used to take them down.
  • Lots of traffic on the marketing list. Nothing particularly earthshaking yet, but I’m feeling motivated.

In general, I agree with Jeff’s thoughts on the language thing and much more importantly with the future of the ‘release’, such as it is. There are a lot of questions to ask and answer about what GNOME’s role would be, how we message this change, how we document the interfaces Jeff talks about, how we keep ‘federated’ release teams from making some of the same mistakes, etc., etc., but in the end, more importantly than any of those, it’ll be more fun. And that’ll be nice for everyone :)

Also, before I forget to post this publicly, I was looking for guadec-es news today, and realized that the spanish gnome planet was probably the best place to get it. I had to google (didn’t remember where it was) and discovered there were even more gnome planets than I thought there were. Greetz to gnome planets from:

If there are others I’ve missed, let me or gnome-web-list know- I’d love to see a complete list of gnome planets show up on p.g.o someday.

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