Tue, 10 May 2005

Got back from DC yesterday. Good weekend with my grandparents, including kite-flying with a homemade kite with my grandfather. Also walked the Mall (probably did a shade over five miles on the morning), thinking about politics and software and other stuff. Perhaps rambling in this space some other time.

Also saw a good friend and talked to her a bit about the ‘good life’- she has a great job doing Good(tm) (or at least Fighting Evil, not necessarily the same thing) and gets really well paid for it. And is stressing out over it, mostly over the well paid part, ironically- she feels herself becoming a Consumer and isn’t happy with it.

Have purchased my first proprietary software in ages (an LSAT/GMAT prep thing) and am crossing my fingers to hope it runs on wine/crossover (which will be my second proprietary software purchase in forever if it works.) Have also signed up for the LSAT. Still not sure that this is the right thing for me, but I figure taking the test and getting it out of the way can’t hurt.

Heard from the monkeys yesterday that there was continued good news there; it seems like my timing in leaving was unfortunate :) Still, I’m pretty happy with my decision- it was the right thing for me. The continuing good news from there is great for them, and the fact that it doesn’t really make me want to run back confirms that I made the right choice for me personally.

Speaking of the monkeys, they should get one of these uber-cool world clocks for their lounge. Seems like it would fail to cope with daylight savings, unfortunately.