Sat, 23 Apr 2005

Have finally bought my tickets to GUADEC. Yay. Sadly, after some consideration, I’ve decided not to go to guadec-es- I’m just feeling really beat up right now, have still basically 4-5 more days before I sleep in my own bed, and within a couple weeks I’m on the road again to meet my mother and grandmother for mother’s day. And then the weekend after that would have been GUADEC-es. So… next year, te juro.

Penguin Day appears to be a sort of mental installfest for non-profits, where they are introduced to open source and how it might work for them. Looks pretty cool. Someone should drop them a note and ship them a crate of Ubuntu CDs. :) (And seriously, if there is a GNOME person in the New York area who can spend a Saturday, they should sign up and go- sounds like it would be interesting.)

LCA, overall, was pretty damn cool. My talk went off well (slides up soon), but was overshadowed by Eben just rocking in the previous session. It is very hard to watch him talk and not think ‘I must find a law school in Sydney on Monday and begin taking classes immediately.’

I’m sleeping tonight on Robert Collins’ (of Bazaar fame) couch. Yay. :) [Later: and a damn fine couch to sleep on it was.]