Mon, 28 Mar 2005

I stayed up tonight (after going to my aunt’s for an easter dinner that was quite enjoyable) to write.

I ended up talking with someone about the packaging project for a while, and getting energized enough to write. Just not quite like I intended. I got out two sentences on what I’d hoped to attack via stream-of-consciousness (doh) but did write up a New! Shiny! GNOME! Packaging! Project! Page! Now! Without! References! To! GNOME! 1.4! Also, I killed the old page. So now we’re more accurate, at least.

The discussion I had mostly centered around the difficulty of doing this Right, and the possibility of using build-buddy. This person (I’ll let them announce themselves, if they decide this isn’t insane :) seems really excited and energized by the challenge, so I am optimistic it might roll on this time. If you’re interested, join up on the packaging list– hopefully something interesting will start there soon. You’re welcome to start it yourself, of course- anyone with packaging experience and/or patience can help kickstart this one.