Thu, 24 Mar 2005

We need to buy and point it at No idea what to use for yet. Special thanks to my mang kangpeh for inspiring this inspired idea.

Cool to see ifolder interop hacking going on. I haven’t tried to build ifolder in… probably at least six months. I hope they get more widespread interest/momentum- it’s a really cool technology that fills a lot of problems we have, I think.

I built the luminocity ‘stack’ today, and played a bit. Shiny things. Ooh. Will be awesome when this is integrated all throughout the stack. ‘Merely’ a whole lot of fun right now- reminds me of seeing Enlightenment in spring or fall of 1997- wakes you want to run off and install everything under the sun to make it work and play with it, because it is just that cool. I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it since then, at least until now.

Cooked for a long time this afternoon and tonight, making an eggplant-onion-red pepper-pasta thing. I was worried it would suck, because each individual ingredient did pretty much suck, but it ended up being really good in combination.