Thu, 24 Mar 2005

I’ve been aggregating a personal planet with feeds from gnomefiles,, planet.gnome, and some other places, most notably a technorati search feed for ‘gnome desktop.’ That’s led me to some interesting posts, many of which I can’t actually read :) Cool post of the day from there: apparently GNOME’s Indonesian translation project has been involved with the release of the first Indonesian-language distro, based on FC3/GNOME 2.8. It’s really awesome to see that spreading. Now, why aren’t the translators (all of them, not just the Indonesian folks) on the GNOME Map?

Another note from my hacked planet: is, IMHO, a wonderful service, and a much needed one- it’s great to see the much wider scope of GNOME-based development than the narrow, self-defined scope I normally have- the list of recent software is a must-read, I think.

I’m fascinated to see the pyMusique guys are not just hacking constantly, but sticking strongly to their position that pymusique is for buying, not stealing. If they can goad Apple into suing them that position will make for an interesting case- I’ve always thought the strongest anti-DMCA case you could make would be incorporating deCSS into an end-user oriented desktop-only linux distro; it wouldn’t make a legal difference

In the world outside my planets, I’m reading the most unabashedly Marxist text I’ve picked up in a while, McKenzie Wark’s A Hacker Manifesto. (Earlier version available here.) He says of the book: “Sometimes I look at the price on the back of a book and I think: ‘this book is not really twenty dollars. Its real price is twenty thousand dollars. That’s the minimum amount of graduate school you need to understand it.'” By which I think he really means ‘I’ve layered the core concepts under so much lit-crit pseudo-Marxist bullshit that unless you have exposed yourself to graduate school you will likely think that I am full of shit.’ Under all of it, though, I think he does have some interesting things to say; keep an eye on this space for the forthcoming triumph, ‘Wark’s A Hacker Manifesto in 500 words or less.’ :)

Krissa and I had French for dinner last night; it was quite delish. Basketball tonight, plus salmon and a veggie pasta dish.