Mon, 21 Mar 2005

Great weekend. Duke won (twice) (though barely). I’m very happy for Todd; his team now knows what it feels like to reach the sweet 16. I remember what it was like not to reach the sweet 16; it happened my freshman year in college and it was tough. My brackets aren’t even completely totaled yet- I’m in the top 25% of most of my brackets. I’m not going to win any of them, but at least no embarassment. Also, having people visiting the apartment all weekend the past two weekends means it is cleaner than it has been in ages.

Krissa’s birthday is today; I made her crepes yesterday morning, and got her a poster of a piece we loved from MOMA. She seems pleased.

Olav has started the process of importing evo bugs into by doing a test import to a test bugzilla for review by the evo folks. When it is finished this will bump me up the ratings quite a bit ;) and more importantly hopefully help us bring some bugsquad resources into evo QA. Along the same lines, I installed Hula this morning from these debian packages– so far looks pretty nice. If I can figure out how to stabilize my internal IP addresses (my router seems to want to switch everyone’s IP every day) I’ll probably set it up on my desktop box for calendaring purposes, and maybe eventually move to myrealbox for mail- I’d much prefer to help advance hula+evo than gmail (though admittedly gmail is pretty damn slick.)