Tue, 15 Mar 2005

<lewing> anyway I would say luis’ rant could easily be rewritten as “why is it so fucking hard to do things ‘properly’ in gtk+”
<lewing> because if you backed up his examples with actual code samples you would see that in almost every case he shows it takes extra steps to do the right thing
<lewing> anyway I think this could be an opportunity for us to learn stuff instead of just blaming adobe

Fair comment. I am at this point so divorced from actual coding, and so used to seeing the work of experts, that my standards may be unreasonable, or my finger my point in not quite the right direction. For whatever reason, it isn’t very good, and perhaps someone with contacts at Adobe could sit down with them and do a post-mortem- if a lot of it is ‘our’ fault then we should fix it, for all the ISVs we keep hoping will be coming.

Spent most of the day poking at my paper; Krissa read it last night and had lots of useful comments, so I did quite a bit of rewriting. Joe helpfully pointed out that I could use some lessons from the Economist style guide. :)

Found this piece on the media, and the value of information, interesting. Basic point is that information providers are caught in a really bad spot of the supply-demand curve- there is so much of it right now that it is hard to make a big profit. He thinks music publishers are going to become like book publishers- 20-30K runs will be considered a success, instead of the current need for something to sell 250K copies before it breaks even.