Thu, 10 Mar 2005

I spent a big chunk of this morning slicing the 3.0 page on the wiki into ‘things that would require massive revamping’ and ‘things that belong are really 2.x issues.’ Hopefully that will make actual 3.0 discussion a little easier. I also added notes from a couple folks on their visions on 3.0.

Party last night was good, relaxed as usual. Neat to see Ian’s roadster, and good to see some of the old crowd. Have been 2500 bittorrent downloads of the liveCD, and more from the ftp mirrors, so I think we done good. Of course, that just leads into discussions of what next… hopefully I started the process today of reaching out to the monoppix folks, and clarifying some stuff in the wiki about languages. gnome-nl, call me… we need to talk :)

Have settled in today to mostly just watch basketball ;) But I need to work on my paper too, unfortunately.

Conference notes:

  • GUADEC and GNOME Summit 2005 are coming up; if you need visas to GNOME Summit, you probably want to start now.
  • The folks behind OLS are putting together desktopcon and calling for papers- should be an interesting time, submit your papers now :)