Wed, 09 Mar 2005

Am heading off to collapse now, after sleeping for like three hours, punctuated by an alarm every hour to wake up and check on the upload of the liveCD. But it is done, anyway. Thanks to everyone who helped make 2.10 rock and particularly (on the liveCD) to:

  • Ian, Steven, and everyone else at the Summit Marketing BOF who helped crystallize the rationale and helped push me to make it a reality.
  • Everyone who helped with content on the liveCD, particularly Stuart Ellis for helping out a lot with the docs.
  • Hermanitos Verdes for CD art, with an assist from Tim Gerla on the background.
  • Seth Vidal for helping with the torrent very early this morning, and the usual suspects for mirroring.
  • The various ubuntu guys who helped get me up to speed on building the liveCD, and did lots of packaging :)
  • I’m sure others who I am forgetting right now in my rush to sleep.

P.S. I miss release names… I’ll have to start doing them for the liveCD :)