Tue, 01 Mar 2005

Used for the first time (well, in second case first time in forever) two apps today, and they both rock, and i wanted to give a shout out-

  • gnome-bt: I listened to a cool interview of dj dangermouse and others from the very cool IT conversations this morning, and it reminded me that I’d deleted my copy of the grey album by accident. So I found a torrent and up came gnome-bt, which is installed now by default in ubuntu. Very sweet little app- did what I wanted it to, nothing more, nothing less, just the way an app should be :)
  • xchat-gnome– saw someone bitch about xchat this morning, so I did my semi-regular swing over to CIA, which told me that the xchat-gnome guys had been hacking up a small storm, so I built and used it for the first time in ages. The current stuff is pretty nice- still some rough-ish edges, but I think it is good enough now that I’ll try to switch over to it full time. Thanks go out to those guys for tackling an app that is ‘good enough’ and trying to push it to ‘really nice.’ I admit I’m not totally sold on giving up my tabs, but I’ve tried newer and weirder things :)

Email to d-d-l and g-h coming, but while that sits, I’ve updated the Road Map for 2.12- if people want to clean up or add links, covering big-picture work they intend to do in 2.12 or 2.14 (not ‘things that would be nice to see’) that would be awesome.

Addendum: Will McCutchen pointed out avalanche, which is even simpler and more hig-y than bt-download. Most importantly it uses pause instead of stop ;)