Thu, 24 Feb 2005

I couldn’t say this to the unfortunate people who I dealt with this week, because I’m sure they were dealing with a lot of unhappy people this week and they weren’t at fault, but US Airways sucks and I will never, ever fly them again if I can ever avoid it. Bottom line is that I got to Miami 14 hours later than I should have and am leaving it 18 hours later because they can’t get their act together. How a company with so many overbooked flights can be broke I don’t know, but wow…

Didn’t help that I managed to run into a 4×4 this morning with my forehead. The swelling is going down, but man… not fun.

Board meeting yesterday was pretty productive- spent a lot of time talking about guadec, and a lot of time talking about finances. We are closer to understanding our overall financial picture, and as a result we were able to kickstart the GUADEC trip planning earlier than we could last year. Hopefully more attendees as a result.