Tue, 22 Feb 2005

Have been chilling with the ‘rents in Miami. Silly stupid gorgeous here, pics later. Went to the coconut grove arts festival today with krissa and then with my dad, after taking krissa to the airport. Definitely fun- we might try to make it back next year. Very casual, fun atmosphere- picture your local county fair, complete with barbecue, popcorn, etc., except with pretty good art in the stalls instead of farm animals. Most of it we couldn’t afford, of course, nor did we have space for it, but we did get a small raku pot/vase that was really cool.

Have started to get a lot of feedback on the liveCD; am still trying to wrap my head around that, board mail, and 2.10 release email. If you’ve emailed me about the liveCD, in particular, please accept my apologies- I’ll probably not get back to it until I get back to Boston on Thursday, since I can’t get it on a CD until then.

As part of one of the 2.10 threads, I was pleased to note that we’ve closed over 1200 bugs in core gnome apps since 2.8.0 was released. Still very worried about the 21 bugs in the showstoppers query, though.

On the subject of HST, I think fafblog, as usual, said it best:

HUNTER THOMPSON IS NOT DEAD. Don’t believe their filthy lies. Giblets saw the Good Doctor with his own two eyes just a few hours ago, heading north in the White Whale. He said he was headed up to heaven to shoot God. “The great bastard’s in season and it’s long overdue,” the Godfather of Gonzo said as he dusted off his elephant gun. “I have full reason to believe they will award me both the head and the tail. Expect me back by the apocalypse.”