Fri, 18 Feb 2005

I am uploading another liveCD build; details here. Also, I leave for Miami in the morning, so if the upload gets screwed up… well, such is life, someone else can I’m sure rebuild it from the previous release ;)

FWIW, the LWE LiveCD was a success- we cleared in total a little over $200 over the production costs. That money will go towards seeding the next batch. Yay us, and thanks to all the guys at the booth who patiently repeated ‘we’re asking for a small donation…’

Still lots of open issues in the ToDo if people are interested in helping out. Right at the moment, I’m particularly curious as to whether or not anyone is seriously using the hoary 1.9 OOo builds and whether or not we should ship some subset of that instead of the monolithic and slower 1.1 builds. If someone wants to investigate using sabayon to ease configuration, that would rule too- currently I have a script that is poking a bunch of gconf keys. Massive suckage there :)

On non-liveCD matters, I’m beginning to get seriously worried about the length and seriousness of the showstoppers list. I know some of these have been in for a while, but I would not have wanted to release 2.8.0 with them either. If you don’t want to have a serious d-d-l/g-h discussion about potentially slipping the release when I get back from Miami, go fix some of these bugs :)