Tue, 15 Feb 2005

Very fun day at LWE today, so fun that I’m totally exhausted and this will be a quick entry. Had a great time meeting people (as usual) and seeing old friends. Moved over 60 liveCDs at a requested donation of $5 a pop, both to cover the costs of the printing of the current batch, and to help with the costs of the next batch. I’m confident from the response today (I’d guess only about 1/4 of the people who picked up a CD decided not to give us the donation) that we can do a lot more with selling shirts, liveCDs, etc., at our booths in the future- people are way more than happy to help us out. So we’ll have to give some thought to this before LWE SF this year, but in general I’m excited and really pretty positive about the whole thing, and what it suggests for us in the future.

I’ve known about Hula for a while- really exciting stuff, and I’m excited for Dave that he is involved.

Otherwise, my voice is close to shot already, and it is only day 1. eep. ;)