Sat, 12 Feb 2005

Eep. While I know the blocker bug list has had a lot of things fixed, overall, it has grown from 22 to 26. This is not good… get cracking, folks :) On the plus side, the entire bugzilla (aka, lots of projects not in gnome, but still affiliated) have fixed 5750 bugs since the release of 2.8- pretty nice.

Had a nice day yesterday. Got confirmation of manufacture of the liveCDs from the CD guy, including a special custom request. Got lots of liveCD information into the wiki, which is good. Cooked most of dinner for Krissa, who was blasted after work, so I got points for that :) After dinner we watched Hamlet, as done by German TV and commented on by MST3K. Pretty fun. No Manos, but really, what is. :) Hopefully more of all of that today- mostly cooking (pulled barbecue turkey, yum), some basketball, but also hopefully testing of the first round of CDs from manufacture and doing some thinking about resurrecting the tinderbox.