Tue, 08 Feb 2005

So, because I’m jealous of tigert and garrett and jimmac and other sexy art bloggers, I will tonight for the first time post my own sexy GNOME artwork, destined for a special LWE live CD. The catch is that it all is… not very good, and I’d like GNOME community artists to propose better :) Catch #2 is that there is about 24 hours to come up with better :) Please, please take a look at what I’ve done and email me better ones! Think of it as a one-day art sprint, and as inspiration for the more generic 2.10 images I need Very, Very Soon Now.

The images I have hacked up:

line-drawing session splash

A gnome-session splash screen.

boston sign background

A background.

CD label

A CD label, more or less.

The sources I used for these were here for the background and here for the skyline SVG (again, thanks to Steven Garrity for the tracing there.)

My artwork request is pretty desperate, but all other news about the project is good.

  • Big thanks to Seb and Jeff for pointing out solutions to problems I was having with making epiphany the default browser.
  • Before I wake up, if the cable modem doesn’t flake out, I should have uploaded an iso to tieguy.org if people want to play with it.
  • This iso is not LWE-specific except for branding. The software is fine for a generic 2.9.90 liveCD, and I totally want images suitable for a generic GNOME liveCD.
  • If people have other events they have coming up, I’m pretty happy to accept artwork and pump those onto a CD as well. I have not experimented yet with changing the default language on the CD, but I can, so if you have a non-en_US event coming up, don’t rule that out- talk to me.