Tue, 08 Feb 2005

As we speak, I’m uploading the art-by-luis-gag-us-with-a-spoon lwe-livecd-0.9.9.iso and the corresponding lwe-livecd-0.9.9.iso.md5. If the md5 isn’t there, that means the iso upload hasn’t finished yet- scp is guessing it’ll finish about 7am EST.

Past normal gnoppix, and the artwork, I’ve included lots of media from the marketing pages (though not enough yet), I’ve changed some of the artwork to be less brown (not that I object to brown, but since the best background I could come up with was blue…), I’ve added ephy, abi, gnumeric, and inkscape (each as defaults for their respective classes of docs). All in all, nice toy to play with- hope some folks download it and play. If you have suggestions, direct them to the marketing list. Art goes directly to me :)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled begging for artwork…