Sun, 06 Feb 2005

Yummy weekend so far. I took no pictures, so I can’t equal Federico’s blog, but… :) Friday afternoon I cracked open my copy of the Foster’s Market Cookbook– Foster’s Market being a yummy little… dunno, southern deli? in Durham. Anyway, the owner has some really, really yummy recipes, so I bought the book years ago, read through it once, and put in on the shelf. For probably 3 or 4 years. I cracked it open Friday, though, and we’ve eaten well this weekend. Friday night we had salmon cakes with a corn salsa thingy… yummy. Very yummy. Last night it was pork loin in a cherry + apple cider + vinegar marinade. Next weekend we’re planning on pulled BBQ turkey and spicy slaw. We’ll see how it goes. :)

Other than that… pretty uneventful weekend. Big chunks of it spent organizing pictures and watching them in GLSlideshow on the TV. It really is just spectacular- if prices for large monitors continue to drop, I think a lot of people who really enjoy taking pictures will start replacing picture frames with large-ish LCDs in the near future (say, 2-3 years.) These guys appear to be headed in the right direction, software and hardware-wise, but they are several hundred dollars too expensive. Hopefully that will come down.

One of the random pictures to come up was this one:

Pretty sweet, and a perfect background for the upcoming Boston LWE. Go us. :)