Wed, 02 Feb 2005

I am amused to see that Ximian was not the only software company with ipod-using, non-company-line toeing, sellouts. ;)

After much playing with HEAD gstreamer, and using Uraeus’s nifty script, I was able to convert CC’s ‘Building on the Past’ video into a theora version, with minimal quality loss (only really noticeable in two places) and a 2M decrease in filesize. The project to organize media bits for a liveCD continues apace. Oh, and I got a lot of picture submissions yesterday, but the more, the merrier…

Finally, about that liveCD- the biggest current blocker is that the latest gnoppix builds are very strongly ubuntu branded. I’d love to see some matching session splashes and backgrounds that say ‘GNOME 2.10- powered by gnoppix and ubuntu’, ideally matching the default ubuntu color scheme. But I’m not sure how best to get those, besides beg. :) If anyone has any, or has pointers to where the community artists hang out, let me know :)