Sun, 30 Jan 2005

Couple other things I was reminded of last night (as I continue to try to purge :):

Somebody told me in IRC today that yesterday’s list had depressed them; that was not the intent. I think (though it was maybe subconscious yesterday) part of the intent was to catalog how great both GNOME and a company can be- I don’t want to lower my standards and accept mediocrity. I firmly believe that both work and GNOME can be a total blast (BTW, Blake of Firefox fame captured this well captured this well a few days ago), and I want to make sure that that kind of energy and positivity is part of my life, as it has been the past four years. As a middle manager at Novell, that wasn’t happening for me- I think it can and does happen for others at Novell and may happen a lot more in the future- and so it was time for me to move on. I realize this sets a high bar for future employment, but what the hell. Aim high :)

In bug news, Krissa just ran into file-roller bug 102501. Blah.