Sun, 30 Jan 2005

Finally (thanks to large gift certificate to Amazon) got a WAP that lets me effectively ban my neighbors from my network without excluding first-time visitors cleanly. Have so far put four neighbors on the banlist. My effective bandwidth is up significantly. Yay. (Pleasant side effect is that I discovered my laptop has working 802.11 g.)

I don’t have java installed (and am back to using epiphany) so I haven’t actually tried it yet, but the new simile project ‘piggy bank’ for browsing and searching of RDF data looks interesting. I haven’t really plunged in, and probably never will, but the tagging/sorting/metadata issues brought up by, flickr, and others seems to me like a really fascinating area for actual innovative and interesting software. I’d love to just dump it all in beagle, of course (piggy bank and beagle are both lucene-backed, amusingly) but the notion of all this rich, interconnected, quasi-self-organizational stuff is really very cool. (Had dinner Thursday night with Stefano Mazzochi, who is heavily involved in simile, and it is just cool stuff, that flickr and delicious have made me think might actually work in the future.)

(This is where Curtis comes and beats me over the head saying ‘I’ve been saying this for years…’)