Tue, 25 Jan 2005

Spent most of yesterday tracking down bugs, and posted to d-d-l about it. Bottom line- we let quite a few stability issues slip in to 2.6 and 2.8, and I think we should get them out for 2.10. The list of 2.10 showstoppers, then, has grown to 22, and more will come. I hope everyone with a little bit of C knowledge who reads this or the d-d-l post (and certainly all maintainers) goes and reads the list and tries to pitch in a little. Think of all the users you’ll help :)

In continued experimentation with skippy, it seems to cause the panel to lose its magical panel properties, so that maximized windows and nautilus take up the whole screen. Very odd. Still fun, though.

Had a phone call with my dad yesterday; appears all my hep tests are clean, and some of the cholesterol/etc. ones are better than they appeared at first glance. My family is still paniced my heart is going to explode any day now, but… that’s what parents are for, I guess.