Mon, 24 Jan 2005

Got hit (starting friday night) with a nasty cold. Have discovered why people used to love silk hankies, since we ran out of kleenex and didn’t really feel like walking out in the storm to get more. Still loading myself with drugs and vitamin C and krissa-produced goodness, like lentil stew and warming, beautiful toast.

Was gratified to see this morning that 40 patches got marked reviewed last night. At that rate (yeah, right) there will be no unreviewed patches in two weeks. ;)

The other creeping embarassment is bugs. There are 347 high-priority non-enhancement bugs with a GNOME version set. 150 or so of those have been reported against 2.9 or are 2.7/2.8 bugs that have been confirmed to be against 2.9.

It is a sort of pathetic commentary on the state of GNOME-KDE relations that the highest level thing we can productively agree on is an ever-expanding database crammed into a crappy text file with really, really terrible performance characteristics. This is not to say that what Fernando is looking at doesn’t excite me, but it does make me a little sad every time someone says ‘stick it in a .desktop file.’