Thu, 20 Jan 2005

Long day today. Was at the airport at 5am for my 6am flight to Miami. Got in, went straight to doctor’s appointment. Nothing critical, as far as I can tell; mostly stuff that could affect me in the far far future but appears to be panicing my family now. Well, that and slightly reduced liver functionality ;) But who knows about that one- test results tomorrow, I guess. They didn’t get to run enough tests today- before I head to the airport tomorrow morning (7:50am flight), I’ll get more blood drawn (6:45am). Yay for having a very skilled, very paranoid doctor for a father.

Otherwise, an OK day- struggled to sift through too much mail in broken-up sessions throughout the day, only to find out that my sendmail is hosed so my outgoing mail is horked yet again. Had good conversations with my mom and dad. Got to see Duke play at Miami, which included seeing an old friend and talking with him for a half. TODO list got longer, not shorter :/

Did get a nice note from about their scheduling and pricing- hopefully I can plunge ahead with the liveCD project soon. Watch your inboxes and this space ;)

Anyway, sleep… airport again in six hours, hopefully for the last time in a while.