Wed, 19 Jan 2005

I know I am traveling too much because I will not have the time or energy to unpack tonight before I start packing again to leave in the morning, and because I have redeemed two frequent buyer cards at the travel book store this month. There are worse problems to have.

Read Cluetrain Manifesto on the flight- some very interesting stuff in there, particularly the implications for open communication and ‘flat’ structures, much of which I take for granted. I’ll probably re-read it on the flight tomorrow and do some more note-taking and pondering. I also finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell– sort of a bizarre Baroque Cycle/Harry Potter hybrid. Was fun- if you have space in your life for an 800 page light read that could use 100-200 pages of editing I recommend it.

Got started on a set of GNOME 2.10/’what is GNOME’/’why GNOME’ slides that I hope at some point will get dropped in the skel directory on a gnoppix CD along with some of the other cool media bits Ian McIntosh [Ed: boy do I suck.] has been assembling. They need a lot of love, though, both content and presentation-wise, and Cluetrain has made me rethink some bits (thankfully not many) so I probably won’t post them for at least a few more days. I’m not afraid of them being wrong, but I don’t want them to be ugly ;)