Mon, 10 Jan 2005

I may just be totally wasted from lack of sleep[1], but I think I’m actually quite fond of downtown Nuremberg.

old town nbg
picture from the last trip.

Ran into Sandino and Bob downtown; it’s a small world :) We’re staying way outside of downtown this trip, unfortunately- I don’t want that to happen next time I come back.

Had the embarassing sensation of arriving to the office at 3pm and being told that the meetings we thought had been postponed until tomorrow had only been postponed until noon. That left me in a meeting much later than our tired bodies have been able to deal with. So probably tonight I crash. Hopefully tomorrow night I can go out with some of the hackers and buy lots of people well-deserved NLD beers.

[1] On the Boston-Paris leg I wrote a review of the acrobat beta, read about 1/4 of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, and watched the very touching Very Long Engagement. Action-packed flight. ;)