Sun, 09 Jan 2005

Things that rule today:

  • Watched a bit of the Mars Rover PBS HD special. Very cool- shots of engineers celebrating after the landing reminded me a lot of how we felt/celebrated after the release of XD2. And they are using GNOME there at NASA. Very cool. :)
  • As if JB needed more ways to be cool, he recommended The Last Hot Time to me, which Krissa’s mom snagged for me for Christmas, and it was great- read it cover to cover today. Got a little odd at the end- it is never good when a character suddenly understands what is going on, and the reader still doesn’t. And that happened 3-4 times in the last 20 pages for me :) But the style, plot, setting, and characters were all great- really enjoyed it.
  • Saw Maryland-UNC in HD. Sweeet. And Duke beating Temple in non-HD was also nice, though not a pretty game to watch.
  • Friday night, Krissa and I saw the fun (but not as good as Hero or Crouching Tiger) House of Flying Daggers, and had dinner afterwards at News lounge. Nice night out. Followed up with dinner tonight at Cuchi Cuchi with Dan Mills and his family- great night had by all.

So, yeah, a good weekend so far- hope next week (in Nuremberg) can measure up.