Thu, 06 Jan 2005

I’m surprised that in the discussion of the supposed $500 headless imac that I’ve seen, no one has discussed the thin form factor and headlessness and concluded ‘steve jobs is finally producing a computer to replace my DVD player, hook to my TV, and let me control itunes + dvd player with a bluetooth mouse from across the room.’ A small, cheap, sort of slow machine- sounds like a perfect media box to me. In fact, if it really does exist, and really is that cheap, as soon as someone ensures a good distro runs on it I’ll probably buy one and slap muine, totem, and sound-juicer on it, and nothing else. (Yes, I am that much of a free software bigot.) (And yes, muine is that good, ditto sound-juicer, and totem is catching up very fast.) (And yes, I’ll probably keep OS/X for testing/comparison purposes.)

Slightly related, my first thought when I saw this was ‘wow, I want customers that devoted.’ And then I remembered this, from LWE. So I guess maybe we’re doing OK. (Better pic here.)

Second day back at the office today. After thinking some during the time off, and gauging my own reactions on return, I am coming to the conclusion that I can hack this management thing if I become more aggressive about shaping the world around me instead of letting it kick me in the ass, or alternately, if I am in a work situation where things are inherently not kicking me in the ass. Hopefully now that NLD 9 is out the door we’re moving towards that second situation.