Tue, 04 Jan 2005

Down to only 80 unread emails, and trimmed the number of emails in the INBOX from 112K to 54K. With Zucchi’s optimization work and that, I’m down from a shade under 1/2G for evo to 298M.

Have not achieved Sunday’s goal of reading all 2.7/2.8 bugs, but I posted to desktop-devel about the next step, aka ‘making the GNOME milestone useful for project planning.’ I want this release to kick ass, and that means I have to kick ass myself, I guess :)

Finally responded to two emails from mid-october, related to my frankendesktop post. In a similar vein, I posted to ephy list about where their focus needs to be going forward, inspired by Bryan’s post on the same subject.

In going through my October posts to find the frankenpost, I followed back a trackback, and someone posted a great idea to the post about the nautilus/pygtk cc plugin- gnomoradio and RB should get glued together, so that (as Apple users have iTunes Music store) we could have transparently a Free music channel. Nifty idea, hope someone runs with it :)

Now to settle down, have some incredibly yummy Krissa-provided soup, and watch the Orange Bowl.