Sat, 01 Jan 2005

Having gotten home this afternoon, I’m watching my first HD content on my new TV. It is… sweet. After some basketball (Tech blowing a lead against Kansas, blah) and football (random bowls), we watched Millenium Actress– incredibly beautiful movie (the kind of anime I’d recommend to my mom) that looked great on the new tube. Yay. That killed way too much of the afternoon, though :)

My second big christmas gift to Krissa was a wine glass rack (like the ones that hang above most bars, where wine or nice beer glasses hang from their base) and a dozen glasses to go in it. Very well received- we drank the Opolo Roussanne we got over Thanksgiving out of the new glasses and were pleased by both the glasses and the wine :)

Nice christmas software story: my brother- “man, I saw this nifty little thing, it puts the temperature and a link to in the bar at the bottom of the screen. You guys should have that.” me: “we have, since 1999 or something.” dan: “cool.” My brother has very specialized cad/cam/imagery needs, so he’s not a candidate for switching yet, but I hope some day soon. We’ll see…