Thu, 23 Dec 2004

Things not to spend a holiday evening doing: staring at a laptop, wondering whether or not your girlfriend’s flight will get into Philadelphia before her connecting flight to Florida departs. So far her flight from Boston to Philadelphia is three hours late. Half of that was a delay in taking off, and the other half has been spent in a holding pattern over Philly, and sitting on the tarmac waiting for a gate. Luckily, so far the connecting flight is at least two hours late talking off. It’s a snails-paced race.

Update: after more than an hour on the ground, Krissa’s flight finally got in, missing her departing flight by no more than five minutes. It’s quite possible that her flight came in to the gate that her connecting flight left, even. And all other flights in the Miami direction are full. Blah. Hope she gets here in time for presents ;)