Wed, 15 Dec 2004

Updated Krissa’s box to gnome 2.8 today, and plopped a link for her website on her desktop. Will be very nice for her to just be able to click, drag, whatever to edit the website. Certainly better than raw (s)ftp for her use case. Thanks to everyone who has pushed that dialog forward over the past two releases. Hopefully I’ll get user-share on there next- interested in playing with it in my local network.

Besides that, got lots of little things done today, mostly Christmas shopping. Also got my HD cable box and picked up a shipping box to send my mom my old TV when the new one comes in- unexpected Christmas gift for her. Installed a DVD burner in the desktop box; big thanks to the several folks who wrote in after my post about needing one. Seems to work nicely so far, though I have yet to burn anything. Soooon.

Predictably for anyone who knows me, the google-library deals announced this morning have me fairly excited. They’ll of course be significantly crippled by the Disney Copyright Act, but still… an incredible first step towards the digital library of alexandria Brewster Kahle has been pushing. Can’t wait to see what comes out of it in the long term. (Kahle will be speaking tomorrow at MIT, but I missed the registration date for the conference. Oops.)