Mon, 13 Dec 2004

Had a great weekend in DC, split about evenly between spending Quality Time with my grandparents and spending time with old friend Eily.

My grandfather turned 90 on saturday, which is pretty cool. His alzheimer’s meds seemed to have stabilized that progression- he’s pretty flaky at the moment, and interesting conversations are likely to take place 3-4 times (‘where are we going’ in a car with him becomes sort of like ‘are we there yet’ in a car with a five year old), but he has been in roughly the same place since he started the meds nearly two years ago, so that’s good. We took him out to some of his old airplane haunts, and to the new national air and space museum annex. Because of rain, he didn’t get to fly (which was the big surprised we’d had planned for him), but otherwise he was in heaven- it was really great to see him so happy.

Robert and Joe have assaulted New York; I’m next- go down on Thursday night to crash the party of Eily’s firm, then relax Friday, with MOMA and basketball on Saturday and then Rent on Sunday. Maybe I’ll squeeze in The Life Aquatic somewhere too :) Oh, and somewhere in there the best burritos on earth will get eaten.

Was irritated to note today that the behavior of ‘delete’ is still broken in Debian/Ubuntu emacs. I’m pretty sure I complained about that on debian-user and possibly the BTS in 1998. Blah.