Wed, 08 Dec 2004

Random thoughts from the day:

  • My christmas tree now has flamingo lights, courtesy of Peter and Lizzie.
  • Apparently Sean Egan’s robotics course is using my book as a textbook. Pretty cool, to me, at least. Sadly, they aren’t using my old OS. C’est la vie, I get royalties either way ;)
  • I spent some time poking around some nice stuff there. The new ‘Office’ theme bits are really nice, and I like WatercolorMOD1 too. I’d love to ship gartoon some day too- it’s just fun. Unfortunately, this bumped me into some theme-manager bugs, including 102216 (which has a patch!), and made me poke d-d-l in the hope of sparking some interest in performance issues.
  • I’ve been flatteringly elected to the board with the second-highest vote count, despite my erratic participation in GNOME over the past year. I hope this year we can remain more focused and energized- I personally want to focus on the issues I highlighted in my responses to candidate question #2. If I can do that, it will have been a successful board year for me.