Mon, 06 Dec 2004

Had a yummi-licious dinner of a leek and mushroom risotto, with a bottle of the yummilicious Tablas Creek Esprit ’02 which we picked up during our Thanksgiving wine tasting swing. Fine ending to an otherwise sort of ho-hum day- I did some of the shopping for dinner, some paperwork for work (the best kind of paperwork), bought a warm hat (which I needed, it finally got cold today) and otherwise lazed around.

And I emailed- lots of noise to marketing list about potential content for a liveCD, and some content to d-d-l and others about build failures. The tinderbox emails are working basically as intended. It would be nice to take the next step and finger people semi-automatically (he who committed last, and after the last successful build, did it), but where we are now is pretty useful. Thankfully, took nearly 72 hours before there was an actual use for it (though we keep getting semi-spammed with nautilus-media breakage, and will until a decision is made.)