Thu, 02 Dec 2004

Spent a bit of time exploring arch/tla/baz today, mostly documentation. My idea (not at all close to implementation yet) is that a bugzilla arch mirror + arch’s star-merge could make merging bugzilla.gnome’s changes with upstream bugzilla changes much easier. Problem is that I need a working copy of cscvs to do the initial cvs->arch export. Looking for a working copy of cscvs produces a list of seven branches I can choose between, with no indication of which or what or why I might want to use one or another. This since only one of the three archive links on the wiki page for cscvs actually has cscvs in it, and that archive hasn’t been touched since January. The ability to do distributed, self-published development is great, and will be a godsend if we can get it going for bugzilla, but it sure does seem to make it easy for things to fragment and become unmanageable.

Finished Fall of Hyperion. First book was better. Am starting on Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale but might drop it for something… a little less depressing.

Had a very nice dinner at Tamarind Bay. Very nice, flavorful food, well presented. Then came home and watched Duke beat Tennessee at Tennessee in women’s basketball. All in all, a satisfying evening :)

Have also today achieved a lifelong goal of being compared to Jacob Berkman. I can die happy now.