Wed, 01 Dec 2004

Minor accomplishments today:

  • Bathtub actually drains now.
  • Bought stuff for dinner, and prepared chunks of it.
  • Threw together the beginnings of a Duke Planet– had no idea there were so many college basketball blogs. Now to find the good ones.
  • Did not completely succumb to my desire to lay down and sleep through my sinus pain.
  • Kitchen and bathroom slightly better organized.

Big accomplishment: got ejabberd and jwchat working together on my laptop, thanks to this madly awesome tutorial. Played with gossip some too. Was pretty cool. Unfortunately, discovered that my WAP/router will let you… provide DHCP within your LAN, or route WAN requests to a machine within the LAN, but not both. So I didn’t actually get to expose it to the world to test during the Duke-Michigan State game. (Goal of all this being to provide someday.) Ah well. there will be more games.