Sun, 28 Nov 2004

how I spent thanksgiving

Spent the last week mostly doing that. Other stuff too, I suppose- wine tastings at the vineyards, beach, lots of food, chilling with Krissa’s family, etc., but mostly reading:

  • Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Interesting read on pseudo-rebels of a different time.
  • first book of the Hyperion pair. Plowed through the whole thing on the flight back. Also, found the second one (on hp’s recommendation) at a great used bookstore in SLO. Will probably tackle that in the next day or two, possibly after my desk is clean.
  • the bizarre Steampunk Trilogy. Conforms to all ‘steampunk’ I’ve ever read in that the ideas are great and the execution crap.
  • Pattern Recognition, which was really enjoyable.

All in all, thoroughly enjoyed the week. More pictures in the gallery.

Am now fighting off a nasty cold- have pretty much spent all day non-functional. Hopefully will recover soon.

Sven, Rodrigo, many others: it would be great if you guys could write (collaborate on?) docs (maybe at on ‘how to get a local gnome group started.’ I have a feeling lots of mistakes have been repeated here :)

Cool links of the day:

  • javascript+css+XHTML presentation format that works in any modern browser. Would be cool to see OOo or criawips export to this for web presentation instead of the current mess OOo exports.
  • I miss the old slide-rule in gnome-calc. Thankfully someone has implemented a new one.