Sat, 20 Nov 2004

Almost surrealy, neither Ubuntu nor FC3 will install on my laptop without reformatting the drive, because somehow the partition table NLD put on my drive is not readable by either of them. I’m hoping there is some sane, pleasant reason for this, but at the moment I really want to throw my laptop against the wall, since this means no music for me on the trip, since sound on my laptop has been inexplicably broken for some weeks now and I don’t have enough time to backup, reinstall from scratch, and recopy all the music to the drive before leaving for the airport. Yargh.

I tried to poke around with mail a bit on the tinderbox box; my very naive attempts at sending mail there failed, so my newly hatched plan to resurrect the gnome-build-status list seems like it will not come to fruition tonight. :)