Sat, 20 Nov 2004

I’m going to California tomorrow morning, to spend a week sitting on Krissa’s dad’s deck, and drinking wine. And having no laptop. And after that, I’m taking the rest of the calendar year off from work- I’m totally burnt and need to take a whole bunch of deep breaths.

I plan to stay active in GNOME while I’m away from work. Step one of that was to actually finally post my candidacy answers, in which I naively make my first campaign promise, and back it up with my second pledge to eat my boxers.

I’ll probably also install Ubuntu later tonight so I can get a fresh perspective on the ‘what can be done’ situation- I’m so deeply involved with suse right now that I feel like I need to come up for fresh air and figure out what other people are doing with GNOME and with distros in general. I expect NLD will measure up pretty decently, but I know there is a lot we haven’t done yet like hal/gnome-volume-manager that should be pretty awesome to see.

Other than that, have a nice, long reading list that I hope to pound through- Paul DiFilippo’s SteamPunk Trilogy, the latest Gibson (Pattern Recognition), Dan Simmon’s Hyperion, and if I feel more serious, The Cluetrain Manifesto and ‘Emotional Design.’ And that’s just the first week ;)