Wed, 17 Nov 2004

Things that make me happy this evening:

  • I had a moment of clarity about the miserable web app I’ve had to use at work and should be able to blow through my remaining work in it, now that I have reached oneness with the UI.
  • after brief illness, Krissa appears much recovered. I’d worried about the fact that she was gone from the house when I got home, but it turns out that was because she felt so well she’d gone to Pilates.
  • I discovered that Stro is doing planet summaries on footnotes. That’s very, very cool- I think we need in general more ‘metanews’ like kernel traffic that help summarize our various information streams for those who can’t/don’t spend all day browsing lists and planet and IRC.
  • Not only is college basketball season on, but evo can happily suck down the only ics file that matters. Well, besides the All-knowing All-Powerful release schedule.