Thu, 11 Nov 2004

Elijah: oddly, despite growing up about as far ‘down’ as you can get in this country, I’ve always said I was ‘going down to…’ whereever I was going.

Decent day at the office today; more productive conversations with Thanika, and we got our first several non-novell-filed bug in bugzilla.novell, which is cool. And had a beer with the guys at lunch- first toast with them to the released NLD. Yay :)

Jamesh kicked me into finding ccache rpms for the build box; setting them up was trivial once I did that. James also pointed out that I could speed downloads a bit by setting an alternative tarballdir to download tarballs to. So hopefully builds will start happening faster now- we’ll see.

Very cool to see GNOME stuff just happening all over the world; bolsh talking about gimp in .fr, and mariano giving a GNOME talk in .ar, and the gnome forum in brazil- exciting times. Can’t wait until we can burn big stacks of gnoppix/ubuntu CDs to hand out at these kinds of things…