Wed, 10 Nov 2004

Flew home from Provo last night. I had a great time. We’d prepared Novell for what they might see, bandwidth-wise, but people were still pretty excited by the volume of interest. Nice to see.

Ate a lot of good food, mostly at the house of my hosts, Guy and Sophie Lunardi. Met Mike Hager of SUSE, finally, after working with him for several months- he was surprised I am so young, and I was surprised he’s 41 :)

I also got to finally meet Elijah Newren of bugzilla fame (he’s doing his graduate work right down the road from Novell, more or less ;) Sort of embarassed to discover that I’d missed that he’d become a father for a second time. Otherwise great to have a few minutes to grab lunch with him and finally place face with name.

Got to see on the Airport Network that Ashcroft has left the DOJ; hopefully the next AG will be, dunno, less of a fascist theocrat, and perhaps more in touch with the ‘Bill of Rights’. Bring back Janet! ;)

Speaking of politics, finally bought America (the book) in the airport. Blew threw it on the plane; was fun. Good to laugh about our country again. I’ve been a little depressed about all that, but hey, we re-elected Nixon too, and the country survived that. We’ll move on, and the Democratic Party will either find a clue or die. Either would probably be good.

Made the tinderbox do a cvs up on the gnome-2.10 moduleset so that next time someone adds a new module I don’t have to do an update by hand. We’ll see how it works next time…