Mon, 08 Nov 2004

Oh, and before I forget, an anecdote from my crazy afternoon on Friday as we got the CDs to master. Novell’s CD mastering process requires running a checksum-ish program written in Java but touching some low-level Windows bits, so it only runs on Windows. It actually took us quite some time to find a Windows box in the Novell offices in Provo- there are still tons of them around, of course, but there wasn’t a working one on the entire section my ‘office’ is in (everyone there is on NLD), and the next one we found had a password and no one to unlock it, so we had to scramble quite a bit to find one. Not impossible of course (we found one eventually in the office of an executive VP), but even the marketing guy I spoke extensively with on Thursday and Friday had stopped dual-booting and was running NLD full-time. Pretty cool that Novell has come so far, in so short a time, with a product that wasn’t half-finished when we started to roll it out.